Monday, August 25, 2008

Ian's RANS Street + Xtracycle

I'm a fan of longtail cargo bikes and ride a Surly Big Dummy when I need to haul a lot of stuff. When I got the Street I started to think it would be pretty cool with an Xtracycle on the back. The Street has very stable handling, a low seat height and a strong frame - all important ingredients for a cargo bike. Add in super comfy ergonomics and you have a great bike to Xtra-fy.

I was quite excited when Ian emailed me and let me know he was building a RANS Street Xtracycle rig. It took a while for him to get all the parts he needed, but his bike is finally rolling and looks very nice. Click here for pictures. Congrats on the new bike Ian.

I figure if Ian really likes this beast he might get the Xtracycle frame painted to match the stunning red metallic of the Street - that would be a sight to behold...=-)

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Ian said...

Ah, figured you would like that picture as a lead in. Felt most like one of your camera angles.

Anyway, yeah, certainly loving the bike. And ya know, hadn't thought of getting the X painted to match the red of the Street. Interesting thought. I kinda like the silver of the X though, matches the silver of the fenders and the chrome fork. Balances out nicely.