Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Randy's Citi Ride Report

Randy Schlitter sent me this ride report:

Ride Report 61208

Date: 6-12-08
Rider: RJS
Bike: Citi…stock all the way!

Testing For:

Testing for ease and efficiency of stand riding, and simulate single speed riding, and what gearing would work.
Conditions: Winds N 8 to 10 to temps 76
Ride Distance: 20.16
Calories: 941
Average V: 12.1 MPH
Max V: 26.3 MPH
Time: 1:04:22
Ascent: N/A’
Average heart rate: 140
Max. Heart Rate: 175


Heading north on the bypass I found lots of hills perfect for pulling in the stand position. I rode most the distance both ways, about 12 miles in the tallest gear. I found grinding was easy if you used you body weight, and are happy with 9 to 11 MPH. Ron Lieker was with me on his MTB, and tended to catch me on the climbs, but once I decided to put the hammer down I could put on the drop, it was hard not having more gears on the downwind leg, and the climbs really boosted my heart rate to the 170 level. If I climbed at an easy pace I could keep the rate down to 155.

What I like about this set up with the paperboy bars, and curved FWD riser, is the freedom of movement. I allows for very easy stand riding, which is handy to zip across an intersection or run up a hill. It would be the way to go if wanting to go single speed. Now what gears are right is a tough one. Almost every start with a standing ride, you need tall gears, but high winds and hills could be trouble if too tall. I am thinking somewhere around 34/18 and just living with less top end. A lot depends on the wheels, the big apples suck lots of power. But they do ride like you are on air ( you are! about 30 to 40 psi of it)

I did note an effective tuck with the bar set up, and I may try it on a Z-Pro. Even just the curved fwd riser is a good set up for those who want to stand ride and tuck at lot. ON my Z -Pro I do stand ride a lot, and tend to bang the thighs against the bar.


As a stand ride model the Citi is one of our best, mostly due to the bars, and frame geometry. This could be had on any of Dynamik geometery bikes by installing the same bar and riser stock to the Citi.

This test confirms for me a single speed would be practical and fun. I think we should build one!

Xtrafied Street

I found these photos of an older RANS Street [note the straight down tube] on BROL. The resulting rig looks great. It's a smart combination of comfort, stability and cargo hauling capacity.

BROL member Zyzzyx is in the processing of buying a new Street + Xtracycle kit. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the finished product and getting his review on how it rides.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Dwayne rides the RANS Street

My friend Dwayne is staying with me at the moment. He was immediately interested in the RANS Street when he saw it hanging in my repair stand and has been riding it extensively ever since. Dwayne is a fairly picky performance cyclist so I was a bit surprised to see him so smitten with a more laid back - dare I sat comfort bike. Talking to him about why he likes the Street he commented he was impressed with the quality of the bike and how much fun it was to ride. The only downside to his enthusiasm for the Street is I haven't had a chance to ride it since he arrived in town!...=-)

Crankforward Xtracycle?

Combining these two types of bikes could be very cool!