Monday, August 25, 2008





Ian's RANS Street + Xtracycle

I'm a fan of longtail cargo bikes and ride a Surly Big Dummy when I need to haul a lot of stuff. When I got the Street I started to think it would be pretty cool with an Xtracycle on the back. The Street has very stable handling, a low seat height and a strong frame - all important ingredients for a cargo bike. Add in super comfy ergonomics and you have a great bike to Xtra-fy.

I was quite excited when Ian emailed me and let me know he was building a RANS Street Xtracycle rig. It took a while for him to get all the parts he needed, but his bike is finally rolling and looks very nice. Click here for pictures. Congrats on the new bike Ian.

I figure if Ian really likes this beast he might get the Xtracycle frame painted to match the stunning red metallic of the Street - that would be a sight to behold...=-)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Metalic Red OCD

I'm terrible for not cleaning my bikes. That's why I pick colours like army green and matte black. It's not that I don't love my bikes - I do - I just rarely find myself motivated to clean them since they are bound to get dirty right away.

For some reason I cannot take the Street out dirty. There is something about the metallic red paint that screams "clean me!" Even a light coat of dust seems tragic enough that I'll grab a cloth and wipe down the frame.

It's sort of like dating a super model - you just can't help yourself when she wants to you to take care of her...=-)

Seduced by RANS

So I was supposed to stay home and not ride my bikes today. My own orders so I can rest my gimpy left foot that I hurt in a freak dance floor accident at a music festival last weekend. However, I needed some bike parts to work on my girlfriend's bike so I had to head over to MEC. It was only a few blocks and I rationalized that riding the Street would be easier on my foot than walking. It was nice to be cruising the empty Sunday morning streets and I wasn't even put off when I got to MEC and realized I was an hour too early!

Putting the Street away when I got home I couldn't help, but thinking I might have a bike problem if I can't stop myself from riding even when I'm well I guess it could be worse!...=-)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Egron Grips

I'm an Ergon Grip freak - with a set on just about every bike in my stable that has compatible bars. Although the Street doesn't put a lot of weight on your hands my injured left hand is a bit sensitive so I decided to Ergon-ify the Street. With these grips, the comfy RANS CF seat and BMX platform pedals the Street is uber comfortable.

Best of all I received these grips for free for helping someone out with their bike...=-)

As I was installing the Ergons on the Street today I was wondering aloud how I lived with normal grips all these years!

Street Porn