Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Egron Grips

I'm an Ergon Grip freak - with a set on just about every bike in my stable that has compatible bars. Although the Street doesn't put a lot of weight on your hands my injured left hand is a bit sensitive so I decided to Ergon-ify the Street. With these grips, the comfy RANS CF seat and BMX platform pedals the Street is uber comfortable.

Best of all I received these grips for free for helping someone out with their bike...=-)

As I was installing the Ergons on the Street today I was wondering aloud how I lived with normal grips all these years!


Ian said...

I've been contemplating some Ergon grips for my XtraStreet. Also been thinking of some different bars that are swept back a bit (but not as straight back as an albatross bar). Not sure which I should go for first...

Vik said...

When in doubt get the Ergons - they'll swap over to a new set of bars in 30 seconds. They also may make you much happier with your current bars than you are now.