Thursday, July 10, 2008

RANS Ride & Carry Cargo System

EcoVelo Reports:

Ride Report 70808
Date: 7-08-08
Rider: RJS/KAD
Bike: Dynamik Duo

Testing For:
How the new RAC ( Ride And Carry) system works in the real world.

Conditions: Winds ENE 5 temps 84
Ride Distance: 7.25 miles
Calories: 346 (RJS)
Average V: 10 MPH
Max V: 25.1 MPH
Time: 43:24
Ascent: N/A
Average heart rate: 107
Max. Heart Rate: 133

The numbers show we took it pretty easy, simulating an average couple out shopping. The distance ridden was not much, again within average reach. The handling is not affected, in fact the bike responds well with the added load. The downhill was fast, and of course the uphill had the feel of added weight.

The load was about 20 pounds of groceries, or $70 bucks. I wanted to haul a watermelon, and now that I know how well the bags keep shape with a load, we will next time.

I like several aspects of using the RAC on a tandem, it gets both of us shopping, and with some concern on how much we buy, that can mean a couple of things, less spending, and more trips. Note the calories even if double (700) is an example of a good return for the energy invested.

We did stop into a take and bake pizza place with the grocery load onboard. The pizza turned out easy to haul intact, simply letting it “potato chip” a bit worked to allow the pizza to fit inside the bag. If I were hauling a baked pizza in box, taking bungees would be wise, so strapping it to the top deck could be done.

I can see an insulated bag as Kelli our HR person suggest, to keep cool things cool, and maybe a built in bungee system to allow top loading. The RAC is the first proto, and has an open space between the bags, which is great for lifting the rear and droppind the kickstand. We will need to figure another way to drop the kick stand when heavy. Perhaps lifting bar the handle bars on a single seater will work.

So far great, need more testing and try progressively heavier loads. Need to try how to raise and lower the kickstand with a heavy load.

Production should begin in a few weeks with a target price of $375 and some interesting features:

  • Bags remove easy and fit on either side.
  • Sides have net pockets and double small pockets for reaching down on a single to grab items like keys, phone, wallet.
  • There is an oversized load flap that secures the load when an item or item extend above the bag volume.
  • Reflectors, grab handles abound.
  • The system will include an insulated bag big enough for a gallon of milk.
  • They are hoping for a weight capacity in the 75 pound range. Will confirm with more testing.
  • The rack itself is made of 1″ aircraft aluminum tubing, has two settings for installing on both geometries of their CF’s.
  • They will be available in many colors with complimenting or contrasting trims, and are home-sewn in heavy Cordura at the RANS factory. All made in the USA.

If you have questions, ask away in the comment section below as I know Randy drops in here and I’m sure he’d be happy to provide answers.

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