Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why a RANS Street?

RANS is a small company located in Kansas that designs and manufacturers recumbents, crank forward bikes and planes. Attention to detail and a love of bicycles is evident in all their pedal powered creations. Having owned a RANS Rocket recumbent and enjoyed it - I had confidence that their crank forward bikes would be equally fun to ride. Nanda Holz really sold me with his enthusiasm for RANS CF bikes and his latest touring CF which just happens to be a Street.

The Street intrigued me because it has a geometry that is part way between the more laid back CF bikes like the RANS Cruz and a typical diamond frame [DF] bike. I think it is going to be ideal for running errands, commuting and going on social rides with my friends. I also know quite a few people who want to come biking with me, but don't have a decent bike to use. I think the Street's wide range of adjustment will allow me to loan the bike to these folks and its comfort/ease of handing will hopefully convince some of them to get their own bike.

The folks at RANS were kind enough to send me a lovely metallic red Street to ride and review - thanks!

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