Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A week with the Street

RANS Street waiting patiently outside the bank, Calgary, Alberta

I've had the Street a week now and we are getting to know one another better. It takes a little time for two strangers to become friends. The Street exudes the sort of quality I'd expect from a company like RANS. The welds are clean and the frame is both strong and artfully designed. I like the beefy tubes that they used and the red metallic paint is amazing in the sunlight.

I had some issues with the disc brakes squealing quite loudly so I cleaned the rotors with rubbing alcohol. That helped a lot and I'll pull the pads for a bit of sanding which should completely resolve the problem. Other than that the Street has run well out of the box. Since my bike isn't built up with the stock specification I'll post some info on what I've got hung off the frame and any mods I'm thinking of.

I've already had a few friends and my boss inquire when they can borrow the Street for a test ride. It will be interesting to see what they think about the crank forward concept.

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