Thursday, September 25, 2008

RANS Hammer Truck

Some info on the new RANS Hammer Truck from the Commute by Bike Blog:

"Rans is known for their recumbents and low seat upright bikes. Rans designer Randy Schlitter schleps around Hays, KS but he didn’t the cargo capacity he needed, so designed the Rans Hammer Truck.

The Rans Hammer Truck is the Rans unique take on longtail cargo bike. The 35 lb bike can carry up to 500 lbs of rider and cargo, with huge bags to carry cargo and optional running boards to support the weight. The Rans Hammer Truck will retail for $1895 beginning in November."

Not sure yet about the details, but it looks good. I hope it will compatible with all the Xtracycle accessories so you'll have loads of flexibility.

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Ian said...

If that ends up being Xtracycle compatible, it might just be a consideration to replace my current XtraStreet buildup.


Doesn't look nearly as sexy as the Street with its curved tubes.

But if I start carrying big heavy loads more often, I could see the advantage of the stability of a single unit build, a la Big Dummy.